What is it like to get her to agree to casual sex?

Sex without obligation. Is there such a thing? If we talk about the younger generations, the answer is yes. Many young people do not know what they want in their lives, but they know very well what they do not want. A serious connection with obligations, responsibilities, reports about where they are, what they do and where they are going, rarely sounds interesting to any young person. Many people, as soon as they feel limited, break off their newly started relationships and run away from obligations head-on regardless.

It seems ideal to them at that moment, to satisfy their physical needs for sex, so that it would be best to have friends only for sports among the sheets, as macho. Although it sounds like a fairy tale, such relationships really exist, and you would be amazed at how many of your acquaintances participate in such activities.

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But there are some rules. The rules you have to follow in these situations and the rules you have to be aware of. If you are not an experienced lover and if you do not have at least some sexual and “courtship” experience behind you, this is not the game for you.

When we talk about the relationship between a man and a woman, one thing is most important for the success and longevity of the relationship. Honest communication. If you think that you will be able to get away with lies and deception throughout your life, think again. You will be deprived of sincere love and sincere acceptance. The idea of honesty runs through all the relationships you will create in your life with the people you care about, be they private or business.

But care must also be taken with honesty. If you have met a beauty, or you already know her before, so say something like “I would like us to be friends with benefits”, you will turn out to be a horny jerk. And you start to seduce her and shower her with attention, gifts, and outpourings of love just to drag her to bed and then kick her, you will turn out to be an even bigger jerk. So what’s the solution then?

Get rid of the fear of rejection

There are girls with whom you can be best friends, but that relationship will never grow into love. Why? Well, either you are not her type or she is not yours. Basically, there is no chemistry. People have the right to decide who they want to go to bed with and who they don’t.

If you think that every time, the story of sex without obligation, will work for you, you are mistaken. To meet such a person or to have such a relationship with one of your acquaintances, you must both be in the right “mood”.

Not wanting a relationship has become normal, why not enjoy sex and be happy and satisfied despite that? The situation is possible, but not with every girl you like.

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Watch your approach

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Honesty may be the best policy, but time for such ideas is also important. People who have just come out of long-term relationships do not want to immediately jump into the same thing they just came out of, but they need a little solitude for a healthy and stable continuation of life.

Solitude for getting to know yourself. If you are approaching a girl who has come out of a long-term relationship, do not overdo it and do not be hardworking. Forget the sentence: “I still suffer because of my ex-girlfriend, but you are very handsome to me and our sex could be great since we have those physical needs that we want to satisfy.”

If you are shy, sooner or later a nice girl will approach you and invite you for a drink. As an inexperienced man, again, the answer is something like, “I just broke up with a girl, so I’m not looking for anything serious right now. But only sex can ”. Yes. Horror. It doesn’t work.

The only thing that passes is: “I just broke off a long relationship and right now I’m just looking for a normal person to hang out with and have fun with.” If she has a brain, and she likes you, she’ll understand.

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Think of her

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Friendship with benefits is not just about you and your “tool”. If you think you are a real man, you have to think a little differently.

You should never neglect a woman in bed. Her needs must be met as well as yours because otherwise, there is not much fun for you. A bad reputation and a bad voice will make your life a living hell!

She has certain expectations in such a relationship. She wants you to look forward to it, to appreciate it, to appreciate her and not to consider her a fool who depends on you. And she wants to have a relationship with you because you are nobility, and she is a peasant.

Basically, she doesn’t want to be oppressed in that relationship and stop acting like it’s normal. Many men cannot control their desire for domination, so in the end, they are left alone or unhappily married.

Be a man

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If you have more friends and if you are inclined to philosophize, ask them what type of boyfriend they could have sex with without obligations.

In any case, they will want a caring, interesting, beautiful face with the body of a god, which in translation means a sex machine, and most importantly, a cultured and well-mannered man. Not a drool who will send them messages like “I’ll fuck you, take off your panties, breathe” and the like drunk at five in the morning.

If you want a friendship with benefits, you must first be a good friend, a gentleman, and a man. Only then can you enjoy the benefits.

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Be ready for love too

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Such relationships can often grow into something more. If you have a good time with that girl, you could get used to her very quickly. In every such relationship, at least one person develops an intimate need, and that is where love arises. True love, which, if potentially violently broken, can be the worst feeling in the world. Considers risking a friendship for sex? Be careful what you do with your friends, they are wonderful and deserve to be a gentleman, a gentleman and a true friend above all.